Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts
Annual Summer Concert Series
at New England Conservatory,Boston,Massachusetts

 August 7 – 24,2019

All conecrts Admission Free,suggested donation $10 at door.
Age 6 and under not admitted.

Concert 14
Thursday August 22, 2019, 7:30 pm
at NEC's Burnes Hall

Ji Yong Kim pianist

~ Program ~

Beethoven :
Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor "Quasi una fantasia"
Op. 27, No. 2
Adagio sostenuto
Presto agitato

Beethoven :
Variations and Fugue for Piano in E-flat major, Op. 35
" Eroica”

~ Intermission ~

Carnaval Op. 9
1 Préambule (A♭ major; Quasi maestoso)
2 Pierrot (
E♭ major; Moderato)
3 Arlequin (
B♭ major; Vivo)
4 Valse noble (
B♭ major; Un poco maestoso)
5 Eusebius (
E♭ major; Adagio)
6 Florestan (
G minor; Passionato)
7 Coquette (
B♭ major; Vivo)
8 Réplique (
B♭ major – G minor; L'istesso tempo)
-- Sphinxes
9 Papillons (
B♭ major: Prestissimo)
10 A.S.C.H. – S.C.H.A: Lettres Dansantes (
E♭ major; Presto)
11 Chiarina (
C minor; Passionato)
12 Chopin (
A♭ major; Agitato)
13 Estrella (
F minor; Con affetto)
14 Reconnaissance (
A♭ major; Animato)
15 Pantalon et Colombine (F minor; Presto)
16 Valse allemande (
A♭ major; Molto vivace)
-- Intermezzo: Paganini (F minor; Presto)
17 Aveu (F minor –
A♭ major; Passionato)
18 Promenade (
D♭ major; Con moto)
19 Pause (
A♭ major; Vivo)
20 Marche des "Davidsbündler" contre les Philistins
A♭major; Non allegro)


Quote from Lee Eiseman of the Boston Musical Intellingcer:
"Ji Yong Kim Takes Charge,” "Swaggering into Burnes Hall last night with the confidence of a hellbent angel and the looks of a Rolex watch model, the Korean-born media-savvy phenom Ji Yong Kim, with Grammy appearances and Warner Classic contracts to his credit, klaxoned and cajoled his way through a well-received show. "

Admission Free,suggested donation $10 at door.
Age 6 and under not admitted.

Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts


Ji Yong Kim pianist

Hailed by the Chicago Tribune as "a gifted young pianist who is clearly going places”, Ji Yong Kim has been praised from a young age for his compelling musical presence. At the age of 10, he became the youngest musician to win the New York Philharmonic Young Artist Competition and subsequently performed with maestro Kurt Masur. Since then, he has given many recitals worldwide and appeared as soloist with numerous orchestras including the Toronto Symphony, Nashville Symphony, and Orchestra of St. Luke’s. In 2016, Ji Yong came to international attention before a televised audience of millions in the highly unconventional Android® commercial that premiered during the 2016 Grammy® Awards. His ‘monotune’ performance of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on dual pianos was so compelling that People Magazine declared Ji Yong "the real star of the Grammys”. In 2017, he signed an exclusive recording contract with Warner Classics and subsequently released Bach's Goldberg Variations as his debut album. On the record, he invites listeners to explore the purity in music and advocates for the crucial role it plays in shaping the future of our society. He stated:

"Even though we are centuries apart, Bach has left us this music to create a synergy that is greater than all of us combined. For me, as a twenty something living in this day and age, the biggest lesson I learned decoding the things beyond the notes was empathy. There will always be a number of social, political, and interpersonal issues I can't fully grasp, but playing this music has taught me the ability to open up my mind; to remind myself constantly to put myself in others’ shoes, even those of someone who walked the earth more than 300 years ago, and who left us with music that continues to connect souls.

Ji Yong studied with Yoheved Kaplinsky at the Juillilard School, and currently studies with Wha Kyung Byun at the New England Conservatory of Music.


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