Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts
Annual Summer Concert Series
at New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts

 August 7 – 24, 2019

All conecrts Admission Free,suggested donation $10 at door.
Age 6 and under not admitted.

Concert 13
Wednesday August 21, 2019, 7:30 pm
at NEC's Burnes Hall

Peter Fang
方壯壯, piano


J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Goldberg Variations BWV 988

Variation 1 a 1 clavier
Variation 2 a 1 clavier
Variation 3. Canone all'unisono a 1 clavier
Variation 4 a 1 clavier
Variation 5 a 1 ovvero 2 claviere
Variation 6. Canone alla seconda a 1 clavier
Variation 7 a 1 ovvero 2 claviere
Variation 8 a 2 claviere
Variation 9. Canone alla terza a 1 clavier
Variation 10. Fughetta a 1 clavier
Variation 11 a 2 claviere
Variation 12. Canone alla quarta
Variation 13 a 2 claviere
Variation 14 a 2 claviere
Variation 15. Canone alla quinta
Variation 16. Ouverture a 1 clavier
Variation 17 a 2 claviere
Variation 18. Canone alla sesta a 1 clavier
Variation 19 a 1 clavier
Variation 20 a 2 claviere
Variation 21. Canone alla settima
Variation 22. Alla breve a 1 clavier
Variation 23 a 2 claviere
Variation 24. Canone all'ottava a 1 clavier
Variation 25 a 2 claviere
Variation 26 a 2 claviere
Variation 27. Canone alla nona
Variation 28 a 2 claviere
Variation 29 a 1 ovvero 2 claviere
Variation 30. Quodlibet a 1 clavier
Aria da capo


J.S. Bach/Brahms
Chaconne in D Minor for Left Hand

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Variations on a Theme of Paganini

Book I
Theme. Non troppo presto
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5. Espressivo- Molto leggiero
Variation 6. Molto leggiero
Variation 7
Variation 8. Staccato
Variation 9. Legato
Variation 10. Sotto voce
Variation 11. Andante, molto legato e dolce, espressivo
Variation 12. Molto dolce
Variation 13. Vivace e scherzando
Variation 14. Ben marcato, con fuoco - Presto, ma non troppo

Book II
Theme. Non troppo presto
Variation 1
Variation 2. Poco animato, poco forte espressivo, legato
Variation 3. Leggiero, espressivo
Variation 4. Poco allegretto, con grazia
Variation 5. Dolce
Variation 6. Poco più vivace, leggiero
Variation 7. Leggiero e ben marcato
Variation 8. Allegro, leggiero, quasi pizzicato
Variation 9
Variation 10. Feroce, energico
Variation 11. Vivace, non legato e scherzando
Variation 12. Un poco andante, dolce espressivo
Variation 13. Un poco più andante, poco espressivo
Variation 14. Presto, ma non troppo, scherzando


Quote from David Moran of the Boston Musical Intellingcer in a review
"Brahms of Beauty from Peter Fang", "Wednesday evening at NEC the Taiwan-born Fang showed complete and calm mastery over the piece, which almost never gets played that way, as well as similarly beautiful ownership of Brahms’s arrangement (left hand) of the Bach Chaconne. It is wonderful, and not so common, to see young artists develop like that. (The work young musicians put in today!)"

Admission Free,suggested donation $10 at door.
Age 6 and under not admitted.

Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts


Peter Fang 方壯壯, piano

Hailed “piano prodigy” by The Seattle Time and acclaimed for an “immense and electric (performance)...exhibits more winning confidence than most of his peers...sounded unusually musical” by The Boston Music Intelligencer, Peter Fang is a pianist who relishes embracing the major masterpieces of the repertoire. His recitals have typically included such large works as Chopin 24 Études, Liszt Transcendental Études, J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations, and the complete piano sonatas of Brahms. His early endeavors when he began his piano study with his father at age 4 included smaller works such as Bach’s Minuet in G, which he loved, and Isidor Philipp’s Piano Exercises and Études, which he did not.

As a first prize winner at The 2012 Steinway Piano Competition and a recipient of Chi Mei Art Award, Mr. Fang has performed in many prestigious concert halls around the world. These include the Boston Symphony Hall, Lincoln Center, Benaroya Hall, Taipei National Concert Hall, Monteverdi Conservatory’s A. B. Michelangeli Hall, New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall, Juilliard’s Paul Hall, Yale University’s Morse Hall, Salzburger Barockmuseum, Orchard Cove Hall, and University of Norte Dame’s Debartolo Performing Center. In addition, Mr. Fang has participated as a soloist and chamber musician at the Mozarteum Summer Academy in Salzburg, the Perlman Music Program in New York, and the Music Festival at Walnut Hill.

Mr. Fang’s father, who is a private music teacher, also taught him violin, viola, and composition. Subsequently, his fourteen years of serious violin education gave him a special affinity for working with others. As a passionate chamber musician, Mr. Fang has collaborated and performed with Nicholas Kitchen, Lev Klychkov, Sam Ou, and among others. Mr. Fang substituted at the last minute for the 2011 Warsaw International Chopin Competition Winner Sa Chen, playing with violinist Feng Ning at NEC’s Jordan Hall in 2014, and the performance was hailed “highly impressive and phenomenal” by The World Journal. Mr. Fang’s 2016 duo project with Music Traveler received high acclaim, and his 2018 concert tour with violinist Angelo Xiang Yu “brought passion and panache (The Boston Music Intelligencer)”. Mr. Fang is also the co-founder of the Edelweiss Piano Trio, giving many chamber concerts in the Greater Boston area.

As a new music promoter, Mr. Fang has premiered and recorded contemporary solo and chamber works. These include the Premonitions by Kenji Bunch, a solo recording of Light and Darkness by Victor Kong (2015), the piano quintet Enchanted Garden by Behzad Ranjbaran, and the piano trio Differences and Repetition (commissioned by Juilliard) at the Focus Festival.

Mr. Fang studied with Professors Hung-Kuan Chen, Alexander Korsantia, Meng-Chieh Liu, Robert Levin, and Peter Serkin, and he earned degrees from New England Conservatory and The Juilliard School. Mr. Fang is a current student and secondary piano instructor at Yale School of Music.


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