February 29
, 2020, 8 pm
 at Jordan Hall


Yuan Sheng
pianist and historical keyboardist




~ Program ~

J.S. Bach
Goldberg Variations BWV 988

Variation 1 a 1 clavier
Variation 2 a 1 clavier
Variation 3. Canone all'unisono a 1 clavier
Variation 4 a 1 clavier
Variation 5 a 1 ovvero 2 claviere
Variation 6. Canone alla seconda a 1 clavier
Variation 7 a 1 ovvero 2 claviere
Variation 8 a 2 claviere
Variation 9. Canone alla terza a 1 clavier
Variation 10. Fughetta a 1 clavier
Variation 11 a 2 claviere
Variation 12. Canone alla quarta
Variation 13 a 2 claviere
Variation 14 a 2 claviere
Variation 15. Canone alla quinta
Variation 16. Ouverture a 1 clavier
Variation 17 a 2 claviere
Variation 18. Canone alla sesta a 1 clavier
Variation 19 a 1 clavier
Variation 20 a 2 claviere
Variation 21. Canone alla settima
Variation 22. Alla breve a 1 clavier
Variation 23 a 2 claviere
Variation 24. Canone all'ottava a 1 clavier
Variation 25 a 2 claviere
Variation 26 a 2 claviere
Variation 27. Canone alla nona
Variation 28 a 2 claviere
Variation 29 a 1 ovvero 2 claviere
Variation 30. Quodlibet a 1 clavier
Aria da capo




Yuan Sheng 盛原, pianist and historical keyboardist

"Mr. Sheng's ear for balance is unfailing ... the attraction was entirely visceral."
- The New York Times  
"Mr. Sheng is an artist of the highest quality"
- New York Concert Review
"Just listen to him, you will be touched!"
- David Dubal

Yuan Sheng
盛原 has gained international recognition through his extensive performances in more than twenty countries. He has performed in Carnegie Hall in New York, Cadogan Hall in London, Ford Performing Arts Center in Toronto, Seoul National Center for the Performing Arts as well as National Center for the Performing Arts, Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing Concert Hall in Beijing, and Shanghai Concert Hall in Shanghai, China. He has been heard and seen on WQXR in New York, WGBH in Boston, NPR in U.S.A, National Radio Station of Spain, National Radio Station of France, National Television of Poland, China Central TV, and Beijing Music Radio.

As a soloist, Mr. Sheng has performed with the Gran Canaria Philharmonic and Tenerife Symphony of Spain, Oradea State Philharmonic of Romania, Kazakhstan National Symphony, National Symphony of Cuba, National Philharmonic of the Philippines as well as China Philharmonic and most of the major orchestras in China. As a chamber musician, Mr. Sheng is a founding member of the China Trio together with violinist Vera Tsu and cellist Yi-Bing Chu, he has performed with the Shanghai String Quartet, violinists Aaron Rosand, Arnold Steinhardt, Vadim Repin, Dong-Suk Kang, Rachel Barton Pine, Siqing Lu as well as cellist Young Chang Cho and Andres Diaz.

Mr. Sheng’s performances and research on the music of Bach have attracted international attention in recent years. The New York Times said that “The A major and A minor Preludes and Fugues from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, were models of clarity, balance and proportion. That is not to say that they were straightforward or unmediated: Mr. Sheng made the A minor Prelude into a fiery drama, with the equally energetic but stunningly voiced Fugue as an otherworldly rejoinder.” The International Piano Magazine, considered Yuan Sheng “The nation (China)’s premier interpreter of Bach.”

His understanding and command on harpsichord, clavichord and early pianos has also generated highest proclaim. In reviewing his recital of All-Beethoven program on an 1805 Kathonig piano, the Boston Intellegencer states that “Sheng had absorbed this music so thoroughly that a listener might easily have imagined the composer at the keyboard.”

Mr. Sheng records under Piano Classics label and NCPA (China National Center for the Performing Arts) Record label.. His three CD recordings of works by Bach and a Three-Disc Set of works by Chopin performed on an 1845 Pleyel piano have been released internationally. Mr. Sheng is in the process of recording all major solo works for keyboard by J.S. Bach, most of the solo piano works of Beethoven and complete works of Chopin, both on period instruments and on modern pianos respectively.

Born to a family of musicians in Beijing, Yuan Sheng began his music studies with his mother at age five, continuing them later at the Central Conservatory with Professors Qifang Li, Huili Li, and Guangren Zhou. From 1991 to 1997 Yuan Sheng was a scholarship student of Solomon Mikowsky at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City, where he completed his Bachelor and Master of Music degrees. His interest in the music of Bach inspired him to study intensively with Rosalyn Tureck.

Yuan Sheng is a professor of piano at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music.

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