Saturday, November 3, 2012, 8 pm
 at Jordan Hall


The Long Sisters Piano Duo
Beatrice Long
Christina Long

     "This is duo pianism of a high level indeed......."
New York Concert Review

"..with their barnstorming technique....the Taiwan natives allowed every piece they played to speak for itself."
The Washington Post

"As Liszt and Rachmaninoff define lush, the Long Duo defines cohesiveness of purpose, absolute accuracy of execution and a near-spiritual transparency."
The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina

"First class playing from both performers... splendid balance musically and physically. The players have everything they need for professional success-confidence, technique and musicality."
Allison Nelson, President of Jury, Ellis Duo Piano Competition

"Long Duo achieved the highest standard in duo piano playing. In terms of balance, clarity of layers, tone colors and thoughtfulness, this CD deserve the highest praise."
Classical Music Magazine, Taipei, Taiwan

"This is a marvelously talented duo"
Dr Henry Janiec, Spartanburg Symphony

"Long Duo conveyed the music's extreme psychic vacillations, state of mind the composer experienced... jovial parodies and a compelling sense of direction."
The Washington Post



Boston Debut


1. Die Zauberflöte Overture, K. 620 (1791)
      (Transcribed by Ferruccio Busoni)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2. From Visions de l’Amen (1943)
      V. Amen des anges, des saints, du chant des oiseaux

Olivier Messiaen
3. Spring Thunder (2010) Takeshi Asai
(b. 1964)
4. From Silhouettes, Opus 23 (1892)
      I. The Scholar     
      II. The Coquette
      III. The Buffoon
      V. The Dancer
Anton Arensky


5. Concerto in C Major for Two Pianos and
      Strings, BWV 1061a (1734)
      I. Allegro
      II. Adagio ovvero Largo
      III. Fuga

Johann Sebastian Bach
6. Concerto in C minor for Two Harpsichords
      /Pianos and Strings, BWV 1060 (c. 1736)
      I. Allegro
      II. Adagio
      III. Allegro

Johann Sebastian Bach
Accompanied by "The St. Botolph Strings", an ensemble consists of 18 top level players
from the New England Conservatory of Music. Rehearsal coach Lynn Chang.


Hailed as artists who play with ‘cohesiveness of purpose, absolute accuracy of execution and a near spiritual transparency’ (News and Courier, Charleston SC), the Long sisters placed first in the 1997 Ellis Duo Piano Competition sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs. In addition to the First Prize, the Long Duo also won the Best Performance of American Music Award, and was immediately invited to perform throughout the United States and Asia. Their live and recorded performances were broadcast on National Public Radio, WQXR New York, WRR Dallas, CBC Canada, and Radio Philharmonic in Taipei among others.

Recently, the Long Duo performed to critical acclaim the Vaughan Williams Two Piano Concerto with the Taipei Symphony Orchestra in the National Theatre in Taiwan and Eskisehir Symphony Orchestra in Turkey. They also toured China playing in the Grand Theater in Hangzhou, Xinghai Theater in Guangzhou.

Among their noted appearances in the recent years are concerts in the Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center, Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall, ‘Outstanding Chinese Musicians’ Series in Taiwan National Concert Hall, Dallas Museum of Arts, Phillips Gallery in Washington D.C., Spoleto Festival, International Piano Series in Charleston, SC, and Dream Center in Calgary, Canada. Their diverse style and eloquent musicianship has ‘put new life into duo piano recital’ (Washington Post), and displayed playing that is ‘the duo-pianism of a high level indeed’ (New York Concert Review).

Born into a musical family in Taiwan, the Long sisters have enjoyed distinguished solo careers as well. Beatrice has performed as a soloist with the Baltimore Symphony, the National Symphonies of Mexico and Taiwan, Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Civic Orchestra of Taipei, Jura Symphony Orchestra of France, Laredo Philharmonic, Ensemble du Monde and New Amsterdam Orchestra of New York among others. She has concertized in France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia and China, and played recitals at venues such as Chicago’s Ravinia Festival, Festivals in Epernay, Champagne and Fontainebleau in France, Kunsthalle in Appenzelle, Switzerland, the American Embassies in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras. She is a medal prize winner in international competitions, which include the Cleveland International Piano Competition, the World Piano Competition and Cincinnati Piano Competition. Beatrice’s album Scarlatti Sonatas (Naxos) received Four Stars from the BBC Magazine, and the American Record Guide describes her recording of Scriabin Mazurkas (Naxos) as ‘impressive on many levels’. She has been interviewed on Radio France, and TV-NY1.

Christina holds a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree from the University of North Texas, where she received the Dissertation Award for Excellence in Musical Performance. As an active contemporary and chamber musician, she was a founding member of the New England Lyrical Trio. Besides the US, she has performed in Canada, China, Indonesia, Poland and Taiwan where her solo performances were praised for their “elasticity, colors, rhythmic clarity and creative fantasies.” She has performed in the Myerson Symphony Hall, Dallas, as well as appearing regularly in the “Basically Beethoven Series” of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Her awards include the first Prize from the Kingsville International Young Artists Competition. She has recorded for Centaur Records and has been commissioned by the Ubiquitous Publishing Co. to translate the book “My Life with Great Pianists” by Franz Mohr. Christina served as an Artist-in-Residence in Southeastern Oklahoma State University, an Assistant Professor of Piano at Tabor College, Kansas and Westfield State College, Massachusetts.

Together, the Long Duo have explored, transcribed and premiered music ranging from the Baroque style to Contemporary. They were the featured performers at the National Association of Composers USA conference, presenting works written for Duo Piano by some of America’s foremost contemporary composers.  (11/16/2011)
中華表演藝術基金會將邀請享譽國際的華裔雙鋼琴家隆信真(Beatrice Long) 與隆愛真(Christina Long)於十一月三日星期六晚上八點, 在紐英崙音樂學院喬登廳(Jordan Hall) 舉行雙鋼琴波士頓首演。 一九九七年, 隆氏姊妹榮獲美國音樂協會舉辦的 全美艾利斯雙鋼琴比賽(1997 Ellis Duo Piano Competition) 首獎後, 隨即又獲得美國現代作品的最佳演奏獎, 樂評以「成功結合音樂意義、 精準技巧與高尚透明度的演奏」高度讚揚這兩位來自台灣的姊妹花。 獲獎後, 各方邀約不斷, 每年於全美各地、歐洲、亞洲舉辦音樂會, 持續創造許多精采演出紀錄。 及知名的國家公共廣播電台與達拉斯WRR古典音樂台的轉播與報導。 《華盛頓郵報》更讚賞「隆氏姐妹開創了雙鋼琴演奏的新境界。」最近, 隆氏姐妹與台北市立交響樂團 在台灣國家音樂廳及埃斯基謝希爾交響樂團在土耳其演出鋼琴協奏曲。 他們還到杭州及廣州星海劇院巡迴演出。

隆氏姐妹的演出, 包括卡內基獨奏廳、林肯中心愛麗絲特莉廳、達拉斯美術館、 菲立普畫廊、華盛頓大使館音樂會系列、 查爾斯頓國際鋼琴音樂會系列、布蘭諾交響樂團與拉瑞多交響樂團的系列演奏會、 加拿大卡城演奏廳、中國武漢與瀋陽音樂廳等地的表演。 此外, 隆氏姐妹曾經回台參與國家音樂廳舉辦的「傑出華人系列」 受邀舉辦巡迴音樂會。
2012年在Dorian Somo Luminous唱片公司發行下, 演出一張CD關於美國女性葛希文(Girl Gershwin)Dana Suesse的雙鋼琴協奏曲世界首演。

隆氏姐妹隆信真(姐)以及隆愛真(妹), 出生於台灣花蓮一個充滿音樂與藝術氛圍的家庭, 各自擁有成功的獨奏事業後, 選擇以雙鋼琴的組合挑戰新的演奏領域, 完美的演奏默契以及音樂表現讓國際樂壇為之驚豔。 隆氏姊妹演奏技巧嫻熟, 樂評家稱讚其彈奏不同樂風曲目時「轉換自如, 駕輕就熟, 優雅感人」。 隆氏姐妹首演曲目之廣從巴洛克到現代音樂皆有。 她們曾受邀在在國際作曲家協會演出當代作曲家為隆氏雙重奏所寫曲子。 除了在雙鋼琴領域的亮麗表現, 隆氏姐妹也各有傑出的獨奏事業。

隆信真曾是克里夫蘭國際鋼琴大賽、卡薩德煦國際鋼琴比賽、青年鍵盤藝術家協會國際比賽的贏家, 個人演奏的足跡遍及中美洲、東南亞、法國、比利時、瑞士以及美國各地, 令人矚目的表演經驗則包含芝加哥拉維尼亞夏日音樂節、法國楓丹白露音樂節與台灣的總統府音樂會等。 另外, 她也曾與許多知名樂團合作, 如巴爾地摩交響樂團、 墨西哥國家交響樂團、台北市立交響樂團、法國茱拉交響樂團、拉瑞多交響樂團、 紐約阿姆斯特丹管弦樂團等。 她的演奏猶如美國雜誌
BBC Magazine、《唱片指南》American Record Guide 所形容的「在許多層面都有令人驚訝的表現」!

隆愛真畢業於北德州大學音樂博士班, 並獲得該校「最佳論文獎」及「最佳演奏獎」。 她曾是美國東南州立俄克拉荷馬大學的駐校藝術家, 並於堪薩斯州泰博學院與麻薩諸塞州西原州立學院擔任副教授多年。 近年來, 隆愛真與亞裔美國青年管弦樂團於達拉斯邁爾遜音樂廳演出, 也與達拉斯室內樂團合作。 她曾獲得的大獎包括金斯維爾國際青年演奏家比賽、夏曼交響樂團獨奏比賽的首獎, 以及米德蘭奧德賽交響樂團舉辦的全國青年藝術家比賽等。 除了致力於獨奏及雙鋼琴的事業發展, 隆愛真還活躍於室內樂、現代音樂以及其它領域, 也曾在美國與台灣演出。 在波蘭, 她的演奏被稱為「充滿難得的靈活性與音色、明確的韻律感和創新的想像力」。 日前, 更為台灣十方書有限公司翻譯

  • 莫扎特的“魔笛”序曲
  • 梅西安的, 阿門的德聖徒 
  • Takeshi Assai: 春雷(2010)
  • 阿連斯基: Silhouetten作品23
  • 巴赫:C大調雙鋼琴與弦樂協奏曲, BWV1061,
  • 巴赫:C小調雙鋼琴與弦樂協奏曲, BWV1060
(將由小提琴家張萬鈞指導以18位新英格蘭音樂學院優秀學生所組 成的St. Botolph 弦樂團為其伴奏。 )
“這確實是一個高層次的雙鋼琴演奏.” -- 紐約音樂會評論

“台灣出生的音樂家.他們使每一首曲子能各自表達述說。 ”--華盛頓郵報

“一流的表演者.音樂和身體的平衡.他們擁有了一切成功所需要的自信技巧和樂感。 ”
  --艾里遜總統納爾遜, 埃利斯雙鋼琴比賽的評委

“隆式雙重奏轉達了音樂上的精神, 作曲家的心理狀態, 愉快的和令人信服的方向感。 ”


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Children under 6 not admitted.

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