The 33rd All-American and Canada
Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy
Competition 2024

rev. 2024.04.01

1, Objective:
  • To promote and to preserve the traditional art of Chinese brush painting and calligraphy.

2, Eligibility:

  • All students in United States and Canada, age 22 and under, regardless of ethnic origin, individual or currently enrolled in Chinese school, private art class, art studio, and/or college are eligible. There will be four age groups: 9 and under, 10 to 13, 14 to 17, and 18 to 22. Age refers to the date of Application Deadline. It is May 31 in 2024. Each student can submit two pieces of either brush painting or calligraphy, or both, total up to four pieces per student if both brush painting and calligraphy works are included.

3, Application Fee: USD $10 per person. payment online on our website.

4, Application Deadline:  May 31, 2024

5, Jury Date:  June 15, 2024

6, Results Announced:  June 25, 2024

7, Awards:  Certification and Cash Award

  • Age 9 and under: Gold ($100), Silver, Bronze
  • Age 10 to 13: Gold ($150), Silver ($100), Bronze, Honor
  • Age 14 to 17: Gold ($200), Silver ($150), Bronze, Honor
  • Age 18 to 22: Gold ($250), Silver ($200), Bronze
8, Original Artwork
  1. The true essence of art and creativity lies in the originality and the faith in a non-plagiarized product.
  2. The art work should be of high quality produced within the past 12 months by the student her/himself. Xerox copy or tracing of existing arts or calligraphy is not acceptable.
  3. The art work must be produced on Chinese rice paper.
  4. The content of the painting or calligraphy should be focused on promoting traditional Chinese culture and values. Artworks with political agenda or of aggressive nature will not be accepted.
  5. The Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts reserves the right of refusal for entering this competition based on the content of the art work. 
9, Digital Image Submission
  1. Acceptable image types are: jpg, png, or pdf.
  2. the name of the artist should appear on the painting or calligraphy as a part of the art work.
  3. if the art work consists of multiple panels, all panels should be together on one image, arranged starting from the right-hand-side (first panel) to the left-hand-side (last panel).
  4. Submitted image(s) must be clear, sharp and free of distortions or reflections. The scanning service at Staples is highly recommended.
  5. Post editing or enhancement applied on photographic or digitally scanned image of the artwork is prohibited.
  6. Orientation can be either portrait or landscape
  7. Minimum image resolution of the image is 4000 pixels (longitudinal length)
  8. A registration fee of USD $10 per student is required. Enter the 17-digit Receipt Number shown in the email from Paypal on the application form.
  9. The Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts reserves the right of refusal based on the quality of the images. 
10, The following information are required on the Application Form:
  1. Name : first name - last name - Chinese name (optional)
  2. Date of Birth: MM/DD/YR   (age: as of May 31, 2024)
  3. Mailing address for sending award checks
  4. Name of Art studio, or Chinese School, and the City and State it is located
  5. (optional) Website of Art teacher, Art Studio, or Chinese School
  6. Contacting email and phone number
  7. Maximum number of submission is two for each category (Painting/Calligraphy)
  8. Upload image(s) online.
11, Jury Panel of 2023 (alphabetically)
  • Dr. Edward Chiang 蔣宗壬: Arts collector and connoisseur
  • Dr. Doris Chu 朱蓉: Art critics and juror of professional art competitions
  • Dr. Wei Du 杜瑋: Calligrapher and arts collector
  • Mr. Ho-Chung Lam 林浩宗: Professional Chinese brush painter and calligrapher
  • Mr. Qingxiong Ma 馬清雄: Professional Chinese brush painter and calligrapher
12, Online Payment and Submission:
       (scheduled to activate in early May)