The 8th Annual All-American Chinese School Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition (April, 1999)
Z. Calligraphy (Age 14 and above, exclude adult class)

33. First Prize: Zhen-Zhong Chen (age 18, Newcomer Chinese School, CA)
(His second entry was chosen as Third Prize, but we don't give two prizes to the same person.)
brush_painting/33.gif (25130 bytes)
34. Second Prize: Ting Huang (age 15, Berryessa Chinese School, CA) brush_painting/34.gif (39588 bytes)
35. Third Prize: Urania Ng (age 16, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ) brush_painting/35.gif (27072 bytes)
36. Honor: Ellisa Chiu (age 17, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ)
brush_painting/36.gif (37941 bytes)
37. Honor: Jonathan Lin (age 15, Berkeley Chinese School, CA) brush_painting/37.gif (46542 bytes)
38. Honor: San-Wen Lin (age 16, Berryessa Chinese School, CA) brush_painting/38.gif (50148 bytes)