The 8th Annual All-American Chinese School Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition (April, 1999)
X. Calligraphy (Age 9 and under)

21. First Prize: Ting-Nee Tsai (age 9, Berryessa Chinese School, CA) brush_painting/21.gif (13400 bytes)
22. Second Prize: Jackie Yu (age 7, Berkeley Chinese School, CA)
(Her second entry was also chosen as Honor, but we don't give two prizes to the same person.)
brush_painting/22.gif (41616 bytes)
23. Third Prize: Jessica Louie (age 9, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ)
brush_painting/23.gif (52217 bytes)
24. Honor: Kevin Pan (age 9, Sili Chinese School, CA)
brush_painting/24.gif (32079 bytes)
25. Honor: Catherine Chen (age 8, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ) brush_painting/25.gif (34031 bytes)
26. Honor: Kevin Chen (age 5, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ)
brush_painting/26.gif (24759 bytes)