The 8th Annual All-American Chinese School Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition (April, 1999)
. Brushing Painting (Age 14 and above, exclude adult class)

14. First Prize: Gina Hou (age 17, San Jose Chinese School, CA)
brush_painting/14.gif (78402 bytes)
15. Second Prize: Debbie Seeto (age 17, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ)
(Her second entry was also chosen as Honor, but we don't give two prizes to the same person.)
brush_painting/15.gif (68417 bytes)
16. Third Prize: Kevin Kenny (age 14, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ) brush_painting/16.gif (85065 bytes)
17. Third Prize: Jessica Tai (age 14, Jersey Shore Chinese School, NJ) brush_painting/17.gif (63420 bytes)
18. Honor: Mian Ye (age 14, Gaithersbury Chinese School, MD) brush_painting/18.gif (55980 bytes)
19. Honor: Kung-Jui Lu (age 16, Columbia Chinese School, MD) brush_painting/19.gif (71396 bytes)
20. Honor: Chi-Hui Tsang (age 16, Berryessa Chinese School, CA) brush_painting/20.gif (57664 bytes)