The 8th Annual All-American Chinese School Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition (April, 1999)
B. Brush Painting (Age 10 to 13 )

7. First Prize: Eric Ma (age 11, Potomac Chinese School, MD)
brush_painting/7.gif (69007 bytes)
8. Second Prize: Bryce Chiang (age 12, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ)
brush_painting/8.gif (48558 bytes)
9. Third Prize: Lisa Chen (age 10, Huaxia Chinese School, South Campus, NJ) brush_painting/9.gif (59853 bytes)
10. Honor: Stephen Fung (age 10, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ)
(His second entry was also chosen as Honor, but we don't give two prizes to the same person.)
brush_painting/10.gif (56893 bytes)
11. Honor: Victoria Liu (age 13, Fidelity Chinese School, NJ) brush_painting/11.gif (57253 bytes)
12. Honor: Charlene Hou (age 11, Fidelity Chinese School, NJ) brush_painting/12.gif (35235 bytes)
13. Honor: Cheryl Chan (age 13, Monmouth Chinese School, NJ)
brush_painting/13.gif (31122 bytes)